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New Window Estimates in Maryland

Window replacements save Maryland homeowner’s money in two ways. First they dramatically lower a house’s heating and cooling bills up to 30%, reduce condensation, and filter, furniture and carpet damaging, ultra-violet rays. And, if that’s not enough, when it’s time to put the house on the market, upgraded windows will recoup 70-80% of their installation cost. From a purely economic viewpoint, energy effcient replacement windows make a lot of sense. Window replacement contractors in Maryland will offer homeowners many options for replacing outmoded windows with ones that will provide protection from Maryland’s extremes of heat, cold, wind, rain and snow, and look good doing it.

Windows installed in older homes were more or less functional coverings for light emitting spaces. In the not too distant past, when energy conservation wasn’t as much of an environmental and economic issue, little regard was given to the energy preserving qualities of the windows—or to their aesthetic properties for that matter.

Today, windows play a major role in new construction and remodeling. Maryland Window replacement contractors play are important players in both new and remodeling projects. It’s critical that the choice of windows fit the local climate, the house’s architecture, and the owner’s budget. There are many Maryland window replacement companies able to help an owner meet all three criteria.

Here are some window materials and types a homeowner should consider before buying:

  • Window material: Wood is the most traditional and potentially the most beautiful, but upkeep is high. Vinyl and aluminum is stronger and low maintenance. Wood clad vinyl or aluminum is stronger and more stable than wood.
  • Some of the more common window types are: Sliding sash (single of double hung), top hung, casement, bay or bow, tilt and turn, roof and skylight.
  • Type of glasses: The type of glass has a major impact on the energy efficiency of any type window. Colder climates will require double or triple-paned windows. Low emission glasses (Low-e) reduce energy loss from within while allowing natural heating from the sun from outside.

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