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Window replacement is one of the four home-improvement projects most likely to increase your home's resale value. A key to success is selecting a qualified window contractor. Avoid unlicensed "handymen" who cost more in the end.

You should seek estimates from at least three installers. You should ask for the address and phone of three recent clients whom you may contact. You may want to verify the contractor has a good reputation by checking for complaints with the BBB, the local building authority, or the local court.

Before the contractor will give you a fixed price (secure a written commitment), measurements are needed and the manufacturer and model you want must be selected. Try to select a contractor familiar with the window brand you want. Before the job begins, it is important to consider if you will replace or salvage window trim, sills, awnings and shutters. The contractor should consider if special equipment, such as an extension ladder or a scissor lift, may be needed. Also think about whether there are any other projects you would like done, such as getting new doors for your home.

A qualified contractor will apply for a building permit. The building authority will ensure the job is completed pursuant to local requirements. If you are located in Miami-Dade or Broward County, you must purchase impact-resistant windows (typically fifty to hundred percent more expensive) or non-impact windows with shutters.

Before removing an old window, its replacement should be delivered. Windows are typically delivered as pre-hung, complete units rather than assembled by the installer. After the old window is removed, any field carpentry will be completed, including the replacement of framing or sills. After the new windows are installed, exterior trim may be replaced as needed, and flashing and caulking may be added. The entire process will take a few hours to a few days depending upon the number of windows replaced. Try to secure a completion date in writing before the job begins.

If you are ready to find a window contractor in your area, please complete the form on the right to get free estimates from qualified, licensed contractors in your area who have met the standards of this website.

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