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Connecticut joined the Union in 1788, making it the 5th state of the US. It is the country’s 48th largest state, occupying 14,357 km2 worth of space. It is 29th most populated, with around approximately 3,605,944 people. Both these factors together combine to put the population density of Connecticut at 739 persons per square mile - 4th among the 50 states. Connecticut is widely known for its penchant for colonial-style homes, though few know that the unique ‘saltbox’ style home - known for its ease of customization - has its roots here.

Higher living standards are the aim of any Connecticut resident, and they are well aware of the fact that it takes work to keep up one’s home - both in terms of aesthetics and safety. Hiring family-run contractor businesses is a common practice here - especially in family-owned homes, as it tends to foster a sense of community and reliability. Older homes tend to need more maintenance as they have weathered more years, and often need custom parts. Newer homes, on the other hand, have been built keeping modern sensibilities in mind, and can easily survive on scheduled, but not-so-frequent maintenance schedules. FixTheHome.Com is dedicated to finding the best professional home services and contractors for your next project.

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Is your bathroom in need of a bathtub replacement? We’ve got tips and ideas about replacing your tub or shower, and can quickly put you in contact with local bathroom remodeling contractors who can help you get the job done. Perhaps you are looking to expand the size of your home by adding an extra room or enclosing an existing porch. On Fix the Home, our listing of home addition contractors will help you find the best company to help you with any of the new home additions you want constructed. Maybe you are one of the many thousands who want to redo their kitchen entirely? The kitchen remodeling contractors you can contact through Fix the Home are able to design and create the kitchen of your dreams at a price you can afford.

We’ve also got a wealth of tips and ideas about everything from cabinet installation to putting in new countertops in order to help you brainstorm and get things moving. Just check out our kitchen remodeling section or take a peek at our blog. Should you want to improve the exterior of your home, you can also find information on aluminum siding repair contractors, landscaping companiespainting contractors, and more. Our easy-to-use estimate request form will enable you to receive multiple accurate and timely estimates for nearly every kind of exterior or interior work on your home. Rather than spending hours online or with outdated methods, let Fix the Home give you all the information you need to make an informed decision, and put you in contact with local home improvement professionals when you’re ready to get your project started.

Home Improvement Help for Homeowners

As a homeowner it is key to be well informed on all aspects of your next home improvement project (see Home Owner Ideas Blog). Knowing exactly what your next job will include can really help you pick the right professional. Knowledge of the details, process, materials and design will undoubtedly help you when it comes time to make decisions on your next project.

From hardscaping ideas to basement remodeling our site has got the information you need. Need help with shower and tub replacement? We've got you covered. Looking to install crown molding and trim in your home? No problem. Crown molding is a great way to add value to your home quickly and inexpensively! Fix the Home has DIY and "how to" articles, as well a convenient and free remodeling estimates form that will connect you with qualified home improvement contractors that can handle the job right.