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New Jersey joined the Union in 1787, making it the third of all the states in the US. It is the country's forty-seventh largest state, occupying 22,591.38 km2 worth of space. It is eleventh most populated, with around approximately 9,288,994 individuals. Both these factors together combine to put the population density of New Jersey at 1,263 persons per square mile - the highest among the 50 states. The Garden State is one of the busiest yet most beautiful places in the country - and home to several attractions - both natural and manmade. New Jersey has also seen profound developments from historical events, such as the industrial revolution, the civil war, and of course the latter world wars. All of these and more together have shaped people's living styles and choices when it comes to homes.

If one was compelled to describe all New Jersey homes in a single word, that would be ‘cozy.' No matter what type of home people choose to live in - whether it is an upscale apartment, a high-rise condo or a suburban Cape Cod home. There are several ways to achieve this cozy aesthetic, and people's choices will always vary. Some common factors, such as the use of contrast walls, highly finished solid wood, a large fireplace or other similar source of heat in a visible section of the room are more frequent. Yet others include neutral stone backsplashes and room partitions for large rooms or for studio apartments. FixTheHome.Com is dedicated to finding the best professional home services and contractors for your next project.

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48 West Broad Street
Hopewell, New Jersey, 08525

We can relate. Tobias Design existed as a dream long before it became a reality. To be fair, others ...

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