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Sell Your Home More Quickly With These 5 Simple Tips

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Looking to relocate and move house? While selling your home seems as simple as finding a buyer and accepting an offer, you may have to help prospective buyers visualize themselves living in your space. Most people do not sell their home as a blank slate without furniture, so how can you decorate and style your home to captivate as many buyers as possible?

Keep reading to learn how to sell your home more quickly with these 5 simple design tips.

1. Tidy Space and Tidy Mind: Declutter Your Home

A good place to start is to put your property in perfect order. Toys should be packed away, paperwork and odd items should find a drawer, beds should be made.

Imagine prospective buyers looking at your home. They are walking into the showroom you've made of your home and clutter will distract from its appealing features and make it look smaller. Mess and disorder can trigger stress and anxiety, which probably won't contribute to a positive house-buying experience.

Take a page out of the minimalism book to create the illusion of more space. Organize loose items and keep worktop surfaces, dining room tables, and shelves free of clutter. While your belongings can help buyers envisage their future in the home, they also want to see past this to imagine their own room design.

2. Swap Bold Colors for Neutrals

Do you have funky feature walls including every color in the rainbow? While this might suit your tastes, prospective buyers may not have the same mindset.

Replace distinctive color schemes and patterns with more neutral hues, such as cream, white, or grey. These colors are fashionable in interior design, and compatible with a range of layouts and styles.

Similarly, bright wallpaper designs can stand out in the wrong way, distracting from the rest of the interior. Aim to replace this with a more neutral scheme that avoids complex patterns.

3. Add House Plants and Foliage

House plants and other interior foliage can improve mood and reduce stress. A happy prospective buyer who feels calm in your home may be more likely to follow through with a purchase.

Bringing nature into the home is a quick and relatively inexpensive way to improve its design. You can add flowers, ferns, ficus and more to add color, while NASA has also found indoor plants can help clean indoor air.

4. Brighten Up Kitchens and Bathrooms

When people think of the heart of the home, it’s usually in reference to the kitchen. The kitchen is often the focal point and the most valuable room, so a high-quality kitchen can make a big impression. Focus on cabinets, worktop materials and repairing damage, expanding the sink basin, or integrating appliances to add real value to your kitchen space. A splash of paint on the walls or cabinets can be a quick and inexpensive way of revitalizing a kitchen.

Once you finish in the kitchen, tackle the bathroom next. A beautifully finished master bathroom can be a real draw. Try repainting the walls, re-tiling, or adding accessories such as heated towel racks to add value.

5. Use Wall Art to Enhance Your Home Atmosphere

The final item on our list is art. Art can play a significant role in evoking thoughts and feelings. These thoughts and feelings will translate to prospective buyers as they tour your property. You can use art to add personality to an empty property or to add charm and style to a decluttered home you currently live in.

You can easily mount art on the wall to sell your home using the STAS picture hanging system. It enables the quick addition and removal of art on walls and can support up to 25kg per square metre. The STAS multirail can also support accent lighting, helping you draw attention to wall features.

Art, when hung properly, can make a huge difference to a property and make it look tempting to buyers. Best of luck with your upcoming home sale.