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Your home’s siding protects it from the elements, and adds to its character and appearance. Perhaps you are in the market for a new ‘shell’. There are several types of siding available. Some of the most common types include vinyl, aluminum, wood, and fiber cement.

Vinyl siding is probably the least expensive in most cases. Advantages to vinyl include a large variety of colors, fairly easy installation, and low to no maintenance. But, vinyl may fade or get dingy after a long time, and there is the question of the impact of polyvinyl chloride on the environment.

Aluminum siding became a popular choice for homes after World War II. It requires less maintenance than wood, but the color can fade over time. Aluminum, can be painted, but can also dent.

Wood siding, the oldest type, is considered by many to be the most attractive and is seen on many older and historic homes. Wood siding is usually made of durable weather resistant woods such as redwood and cedar. Wood does requires maintenance such as painting or staining. Wood is also biodegradable, which is a nice way of saying that it is subject to rot and being eaten by bugs if not carefully cared for.

Fiber cement is a composite of Portland cement, cellulose and ground sand. It is long lasting and can resemble wood, without the same cost.

Whatever type of siding you are considering, plan to hire a competent contractor to help you. Be sure your contractor is licensed, and insured. Use the form to the right for a free estimate on you siding job in DE.



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Protecting Your Home's Shell
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While your home may not qualify as a fossil, it does have it’s own shell, of sorts.

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