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Types of Commercial Roofing: Know Your Options

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Types of Commercial Roofing: Know Your Options



If you have plans to invest in a commercial construction, you should at the very least know your options. This is important because your contractor may not even tell you about them or their benefits if they cannot provide the services themselves.

Given that the roof has the least amount of support, it’s imperative that you pay special attention to all your options in that regard.

Metal Roofing Solutions

There are primarily five different types of roofs to choose from if metal is suitable for your commercial needs. Steel (Corrugated galvanized or stainless), copper, aluminum, tiles and a combination of aluminum + tin + zinc.

Copper is certainly not the best choice due to the toxic nature of the metal, but the rest of them are relatively safe, especially steel. However, even steel corrodes away with time, which is a disadvantage in the long run.

Modern metal roofs are more durable than before of course, and they last for a long time, providing fire resistance and strength to the construction for decades at a time.

Built-Up Roofing Solutions

Fabric and asphalt or gravel and tar are the two main options to choose from here, and in the case of both materials, more layers equal stronger builds. These are very easy to repair, and purely from a commercial point of view, the investments required will be quite low.

Unfortunately, built-up roofing doesn’t last too long and it may be unsuitable for sustaining heavy machinery over a long period of time.

Thermoset EPDM Membrane Roofing Solutions

One of the cheapest options on the market, a thermoset EPDM membrane roof should not be considered unless there is absolutely no chance that anyone will be walking on these roll-based, synthetic rubber roofs!

They are however, particularly weather resistant and quite durable (unless someone is walking on them!).

Green Roofing Solutions

Essentially, any roofing solution can be turned into a green roof if you are working with experienced contractors.

Preplanned commercial green roofing solutions all have one common aspect to them, which is the fact that there will be a hardened, adequately engineered, waterproof membrane on the surface to foster plant growth, while keeping the roof below free from water damage.

As long as these are maintained with care, they may offer multiple advantages:

·         A well-constructed green roof protects the materials beneath from weathering

·         Some green roofs can last for as long as half a century, or at least decades

·         Tax rebates might be applicable, depending on the state and various other factors

How Should You Choose?

If you are dealing with a reputed commercial contractor like Corporate Contractors Inc., they will be able to give you the most important insights regarding making the right choice based on their vast experience in building multiple different types of corporate structures over the course of many decades.

Being a business investment, you will need to take your time and work out your expenses and ROI before choosing. If the roof has any direct relationship with what will be housed inside, that should be taken into account before anything else.