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We are a family owned and operated window repair and glass replacement company in Phoenix, Arizona, servicing the surrounding cities in the Valley of the Sun. Since 2010 we've been providing homeowners and commercial business owners energy efficient windows and glass solutions for the interior and exterior. Our glass products include glass shower doors, replacement windows and dual pane window glass for doors and windows. Our glass services included repair, replacement and installation.

Residential & Commercial Glass Repair & Replacement Services

Superior Replacement Windows is a window and glass supplier who takes great pride in helping the Phoenix area with all of its window and glass repair needs! We offer a variety of glazier services, including window installation, window replacement, and glass repair. Here is a closer look at who we are and the services we provide.

Single & Dual Pane Window Glass Replacement

If window glass chips, breaks, or cracks, it may be possible to salvage the window frame by replacing the glass. A glazier can remove the glass panel without removing the frame from the wall, but the time required to complete the job depends upon the type of window getting installed in its place.

Single pane glass can be replaced the same day by cutting a piece to fit the opening, but dual-pane windows offering insulation must be custom-ordered to the precise specifications of the opening. The manufacturing process usually takes 3-5 days, after which the glazier returns to install it.

Glass Repair Options

Glass repair is the best option for a home or commercial building with a couple of windows that stick or otherwise do not function as intended. These should be fixed right away, as delays will only make the underlying problem worse and more expensive to fix. Broken windows may also invite thieves, no matter how good your security system may be.

The best way to ensure that your glass repair or installation goes smoothly is to seek out a highly qualified professional for the job called a glazier. We handle residential and commercial projects with ease, so please remember us the next time you need a glazier!

Window Installation Services For Remodeling

Home owners have frequent need of window repair, window installation, and window screen replacement. If you have the freedom to choose, opt for a readily available solution that provides some energy savings for the building. Even if the old ones weren't especially efficient, their replacement is the perfect time for an upgrade!

We can advise you if you need help selecting the ideal windows for your needs! Just remember that it may take time for a more expensive energy-efficient unit to pay for itself.

You can also select how much light your windows will allow in. More light obviously promotes superior visibility, but it can also make living areas warmer when it's hot outside. Double-pane windows offer the insulation required to mitigate these issues.



Main Services

  • window repair
  • window replacement
  • glass shower doors
  • glass door repair
  • window installation



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